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WPS Office for Windows Change Log

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WPS Office for Windows brings exciting new features that empower you to edit PDFs with greater ease and efficiency. Whether you're managing scanned documents, creating presentations, or simply want a versatile office suite, this update delivers valuable improvements.

Here's what's new

  • OCR PDF Editing: Unleash the power of real-time editing on scanned PDFs. WPS Office now uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert scanned documents into editable text. This allows you to seamlessly add, delete, or modify text within the PDF, eliminating the need for manual retyping.
  • Enhanced Signature Management: Streamline your signing workflow with the ability to effortlessly remove signatures from the quick signature area. Additionally, you can now extract handwritten signatures from uploaded images, creating a smoother signing experience.

Additional improvements

  • Improved performance and bug fixes ensure a more stable and efficient user experience.

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Note: This specific version page focuses on the new features and functionalities introduced in WPS Office For a more comprehensive overview of WPS Office, please visit the features page or download other versions available on our website.


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